Opinions - Best ever Adcom model???

Adcom as a company has had its ups and downs. In recent years it seems to have fallen out of favor with most audio enthusiast and dealers for various reasons. When was their products at it’s best? Many of you along the way to audio nirvana have tested the waters with Adcom and I’m curious to know your opinions on which amp model sounded the best coupled with having the fewest problems. Past or present, two-channel only, 125+ wpc. What say ye?
The 565 mono's were not to bad, still lots of them around and working good (300 wpc), A friend had them on his Mirage M3's and they did a good job on that set of power hungry speakers. As a matter of fact, there is a pair for sale on audiogon right now for $800.
Tina. Featured in some Adcom ads some years back. She was real hot! :)
The 545's, much more refined mid to top then anything more powerful Adcom has ever offered, only really lacking down low and in the ability to play difficult speakers to stupid levels.
585s, CD 575, GFP 750, 5802.
5802, hands down.
What about pre-amp/amp combos. I am in the process of acquiring an Adcom GFP-1 preamp to go along with a 1979 Mitsubishi DA-A10DC amp (dno't laugh - it is a powerhouse amp!!).

Try to pick up a adcom gfa 1a on ebay for 150 bucks or so.It's 200wpc and 348wpc into 4ohms and a great match for your pre.
Have not had extensive expierience with the big 5802 but,
the 5500 is a wonderfully musical amplifier.It all just took
long break-in and trying out cables and interconnects.
I believe Nelson Pass of Pass Labs was contracted on the design of this and the 5802.At 200wpc,and it is biased to run class "A" for first few watts and sounds very liguid
up to that point of running "AB".With efficient speakers
and smaller rooms the 5500 has very nice sound indeed.
Since it runs class "A" first few feet out off the gate I have found it to work its best as the top end of a bi-amp set-up to make the most of this best portion of the 5500's sound,the bottom end was run by modified 555II.This all adds
up to relly nice imaging,sound has depth and dimension and
images extend out into and beyond loudspeaker posistions.
Small details in the mix have thier own space.This amp does micro-dynamics well,bass is its weakest point in the bang for buck sense,in which case the 555II may beat it by a nose

The design balances several strengths of Solid
State and Tubes and has a definite "nitch" at $1,200 retail.
Can be found used much less used.