Onkyo VS Onkyo Integra

Is there a difference in actual quality or is it a marketing ploy as I can find deep discounts on the regular Onkyos but very little on the Integra models that seem to have the same specs.
The Integra line for Onkyo is what the ES line is for sony. I have an Onkyo Integra M-504 power amp that I bought some years ago. It will hold it's own with some very good amps in the sonics department and can drive just about any speaker to a high spl without strain. A very good amp for what I paid, even back then.
After talking to an Onkyo rep for our store, he said that the Integra line is more for custom home installs. It has special features for whole home integration. The discounted prices are due to competition.
the integra is very high end onkyo. i think they were
seperate companies years ago. they make some real good stuff.usually made in japan.
Onkyo dropped the Onkyo name from the Integra line in the mid 90s. They are now sold under the "Integra Research" nameplate. The website is....


The Onkyo Integra models are definitely higher quality.
The Integra Research RDA-7 seven channel HT amplifier was designed by Victor Khomenko of high-end maker BAT (Balanced Audio Technology)
The old Integra FM Tuners are still sought after.

Specifications actually tell you very little. An amplifier could have extremely low distortion and high output, but sound sterile and lifeless. (and vise-vera).
Thanks for the responses. Although there is a separate Integra company, Onkyo still supplies the local audio/video store with something described as Onkyo/Integra. They are about $100 more list than the comparable Onkyo. I don't know about the regular Onkyos but the Integra version has a 3 year warranty. Decisions....decisions....
There is a build quality difference between the two. I will speak of the home theater receivers only in this writing for last years models. I was a warrenty service center for a # of companies including onkyo and intergra, I dropped all companies last year because of there pay scales do not meet with the time needed to work on most equitment in todays market.
If you where to open the equivlent rcv's they would look the same in side, same exact layout and board lay out. What seperates them is the build quality. The integra uses higher/quality tolerence resistors and caps on there processor and power supply boards. But all else is the same except the detachable A/C cord and obviously the front panel. They the integras do sound more transperant then the onkyo's but not by much.
Hope this helps you, Gary
Hhawk: You are correct. There is the Onkyo line, the Onkyo Integra line and then the vastly superior Integra Research line. Garcom is correct about the Onyo Integra line using higher quality resistors, caps, detachable power cable and a different face plate, and as you stated, they offer a 3 year warranty.
Thanks for the additional responses. It sounds like the Integra series probably is worth the extra bucks although from what I have read, most people like the regular Onkyo series anyway. Guess I will base my decision on how soon I think I will have to upgrade. If I plan on keeping it quite awhile I will probably spring for the more expensive version.
If anyone has an opinion on it, please see my thread asking whether it makes much difference what receiver you buy if you are only using it for the surround sound functions (and the pre-out L and R for the exisiting amps.)