Onix XCD-88, please help

I am looking for the Onix, how much is it brandnew and used that I can expect?

I have one more question: do we need to replace the clock also as I see in the other threads ? and how do the opamp and the clock look like ? easy to replace?

what kind of clock and opamp is good? is the opamp 627bp, 627 ap good? thanks

Best wishes for the new year ! "-).......
The 88 has been discontinued and replaced by the more expensive but internally similar 99 - there is no evidence that the 99 is any better sounding. AV123.com sells the 99 they may have some old 88s left - the 88 was $300 the 99 is I think $100 more. If you go to www.headfi.org there are some threads in the dedicated sources forum detailing the opamp replacement procedure...


I owned an 88 I liked it but found it a bit thin sounding for my tastes YMMV and so on, certainly at $300 it was a good bargain being fundamentally a Musichall CD25 - blah drone etc.
thanks very much for your response, it helps alot,

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I just purchased a B-stock XCD-88 from AV123.com just over a week ago. Maybe my tastes are vastly different from Schon1958's, but I am very satisfied with my Onix CD player. The B-stock unit carries a full three year warranty and matches perfectly with the Onix SP3 amplifier and Reference 1 MkII monitors. In this system, pace, rhythym and timing are excellently conveyed. I spend a lot of time around live music, and the tonal balance is almost as full with this player as live music. I can only imagine that mods can take this player to another level.