One Subwoofer for 2 systems?

I'm organizing a new set-up for both a strictly audio only system and one for home theater. I currently have a Bob Carver subwoofer bare-wired to the audio system. It also offers a Line-in option for a dedicated subwoofer speaker cord that could connect to an A/V Receiver via RCA plugs.

My question is, can I leave the sub wired to both my audio amp and the HT receiver? Only one unit would be on at a time with the two systems being completely independent of each other. The sub has an internal 1000 watt amp that also has a seperate AC adaptor and would be plugged to a dedicated wall plug.
Sounds like it would work. You could check with Carver.

REL subwoofers also have both sets of connections and are designed to work both ways without the need to change connections, settings, etc.

No reason to think Carver is any different. Does the Carver have separate volume controls for both inputs? The REL's do..
There's just a single set of controls; level, phase, and crossover.

I will check with Carver. Possibly someone here might know from experience, too.


I've got a similar system / connection situation in my family room and have got dual Velodynes that handle both. Difference with mine is that I use "Y" adapters from the Pre-outs of the audio and AV receivers although.

Connected ths way for about a year and a half, there's been no problems whatsoever. As you note, we make doublely sure to never have the AV receiver and Audio Int Amp on at the same time.

Like you, I may try going with a line level way for audio to see if there is any sound benefit.