Olive Opus

It is obvious that music servers with lots-o-storage capabilities are the way of the future. I think that right now, we are at the begining of seeing this type of source equipment being made to "audiophile" standards for high quality playback.

In the new TAS, there is a quick mention Opus, from Olive Media Products, Inc.

I checked their web site www.olive.us and it looks to be a product with some promise.

I am curious to learn more about it. In particular, I would like to hear those who own or have auditioned the Opus.

The bells and whistles are neat. But, what I really want to know is; how does it sound playing redbook cd's?

Would you describe its signature as: Analytical? Neutral? Warm? Would you characterize its sound as "analog" like?...or maybe super-highly resolving and sterile/bright?

I have a lot of 70/80's (poor quality) rock recordings that are unbearable to listen to with ultra-resoving playback gear. Personally, I lean towards the warmer, more liquidy analog like sound.

For reference, my ears are used to my Electrocompaniet EMC-1, 24/192 cdp.

Are there other cdp's that you have owned or listened to that you feel resembled this unit's character?

Ok, a comment or two on its functionality would be appreciated as well. However, for me, if it isn't a good match for me (sonically) the features of the server have no value in my system.

Your comments are greatly appreciated
There is some discussion about the Olive products over at Audiocircle.com, and Red Wine Audio has a battery modification for a couple Olive products. You might check in over there.
Jeff Kalt, founder of Resolution Audio and designer of the Opus 21, was heavily involved in the design of the Olive Opus. I've not heard the Olive Opus, but you can probably assume that it is voiced similarly to the Opus 21...