Older Theta/Dcs combo outdated?

My digital front end consists of Theta Jade, and the original, non DSD versions of DCS Purcell and Delius. Can I improve on this with a more current one box player for <$2000 new or used? Piqueing my interest so far:
-Cambridge Audio 840c
-Musical Fidelity A5
-Meridian 588
-----Maybe a more revealing and dynamic presentation? Other gear includes:
-CJ 16LS II linestage
-Mcintosh MC 501's
-B&W 802D's
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Nothing wrong with the Jade as a transport.
Nothing wrong with your system either.
Why not just get a new DAC?
Sugarbie, Looking for a one box solution. And bank a few dollars after selling Theta and DCS. But only if I can do this without a backward move.....
The thing is... the Jade is not obsolete technologically, and is likely much better than any transport in a single player you will get for selling the Jade and DAC you have.

I guess we/I would have no idea how good your current DAC is. I am sure any of those new players will be more advanced, but will it sound a lot better to justify the change??

Can you get a in home demo to really compare?
Good point about the transport. And a home audition will give me an idea of improvement if any... Appreciate the insight....