Now that there is a CJ ART II

Is there any news of perhaps revising the mini-Art a.k.a 16LS to a 16LS II?
How very much different is the 16LS from the 17LS?
Has anyone done any auditioning on the above pre-amps with the Jeff Rowland model 10 other than the safe and tested JRDG Synergy II?
Much appreciate your opinions and suggestion (before I put my $$$ down).
Hello, yes indeed there is! I own a 16LS myself, and I have spoken with Knut at CJ. The upgrade will involve a rebuild much like the one done to the original ART. Knut told me that the upgrade will make the 16LS the sonic egual of the original ART. CJ will not begin to offer the upgrade for awhile, at least not until most of the original ART's have been upgraded (probably the end of the year). The cost for the 16LS upgrade has not yet been established. I love my current 16LS. While there are many superb preamps out there, this one has been the most musically satisfying. I plan to upgrade my unit when that option becomes available. Happy Listening!
Interesting. At approx. same time frame via e-mail communication, Knut at CJ told me that there is no upgrade path. He sugggested that if I wanted to buy CJ 16LS, I should do it now rather than waiting for the MKII version.
Has CJ been known to do any upgrades to their gear at all
besides buying brand new an upgraded unit?
At least one case that I am aware of is the Premier 11. You can send the unit in and get it upgraded to the Premier 11a.
Nex_wave: Sonically, the 16LS and 17LS are very similar (that is, they both have the classic CJ family sound). The most distinguishing characteristic is the dimension of the soundstage, which is very different between the two. I own a 17LS and auditioned both of them for a while before I decided. While there's no question the 16 is the better preamp, the 17 seemed to be (for me) a much better value. Also, knowing the rather smallish room I was putting it into, there is little chance that I would realize the full potential of the 16.

Folks with the 16 almost universally love it, and I can certainly say that I love my 17. There's a big price difference between the two, so you have to let your ears and your wallet decide which you’d rather have. Really, you can't go wrong either way.

So...has anyone heard if there's going to be a 17LS II?

I sent my 16LS back to CJ and they did indeed upgrade it to Series II. The upgrade consisted of faster diodes in the power supply, a better grade of internal wire, and I believe a better grade of capacitor (outside of the signal path). They also included a brand new set of tubes as well as an improved power cord. I also had them change the output connectors and CD inputs to the WBTs used in the ART II. The series II upgrade cost $500.00, but I paid extra for the WBTs (about $750.00 total). Sonically, the unit is quieter, the soundstage is wider, and the bass is tighter and better defined. I am extremely pleased with the upgrade, and the attention and service I received from Knut and Tor was impeccable. The workmanship was first rate, and the turn around time was less than a week. I highly recommend this upgrade for 16LS owners. Happy Listening!
I have never auditioned a CJ Premier series preamp out of fear that I might *need* it. Are the 16LS and 17LS significantly better than the CJ PV-12 or more recent PV-14? I had both of these CJ units and found them to be a little rolled off on the high's and the lows. For now, I'm using an Audio Research LS16 tube preamp with my CJ Premier 11a.
Abe: I spent a bit of time auditioning both the Premier 14 and the 16LS just before the 17LS was introduced. Relatively, there is nothing comparable about the 14 and 16 – in every capacity the 16LS is superior. However, I wasn’t prepared for the high price of the 16, so I decided to put my purchase on hold wait for the 17 to see how it faired. Fortunately for my wallet, the 17 was a perfect fit both in sound and price, and I ended up giving one a nice home.

Sonically, the 17 is very much in league with the 16 and doesn't really resemble the 14 at all. It still has the classic CJ sound - warm and smooth with a big soundstage - but seems to be much livelier and quicker than its predecessor. I haven't noticed any roll-off in the highs, but I certainly wouldn't call it a 'bright' preamp. Like most CJ equipment, it aims for a smooth, warm, and relaxed sound which might make it, and the 14, feel a bit rolled at the top. It is a tad bit slower than some of the tube preamps I've listened to (the ARC LS25 comes to mind), but it has a certain presence and soundstage that is hard to beat and is equally hard to find in other preamps.

The 17 is truly a mini version of the 16LS and as such does an admirable job. For the price, its a quantum leap ahead of the 14 and is very much worth listening to if you like the CJ sound.

Hi Ken. I had the PV-12 and PV-14 (not Premier 14) and although they were very good preamps, combined with my Premier 11a tube amp, I found the frequency extremes to be a little rolled off. I am currently using either my Adcom GFP-750 ss preamp or the Audio Research LS16. I'll have to borrow a Premier 17LS from my dealer and compare it to what I have. Thanks. ...Abe