Nottingham Analogue experience?

I'm located in Indy, and the former Linn importer now imports Nottingham analogue turntables. This is a relatively lesser-known yet modernistic design that apparently has been lauded in Europe and Japan. I'm planning to audition the "Hyperspace" deck eventually, but was curious as to any input that our community could offer. Thanks in advance! John
I don't know what tables you are used to,but, I'll bet you fing the Hyperspace to be in another league altogether. I really enjoyed my Space Deck. The Nottingham products sound less like turntables than any others. The music just pours out of them without all the usual problems of tonal balance,bass, treble, transparency, etc. The Linn and the Nottingham sound totally different to me, and although I can appreciate why people like Linns, the Nottingham seems much more like the "real deal"
Have had a Hyperspace for years, it beat the s**t out of my wadia 6 21, 16, even the 860 !
I sold the wadia's any way, the big mistake we try to make everytime again is to COMPARE two totally different media.
I moved up from the Hyperspace to a Verdier Platine table, but to better a Hyperspace there's indeed some serious money needed!!. a Hyperspace will sound FAR better than a bouncy bouncy Linn LP-12, and doesnt need a bunch of upgrades every year to get it going at last.
JUST BUY ONE ! take my word. enjoy Ron
Please be advised that the following is secondhand knowledge based on the experiences of a friend whose ears I trust and are attuned in particular to the qualities of pace and expressiveness.
He has been a longtime owner and proponent of the Nottingham Spacedeck and used the Spacearm in conjunction with the table.He had decided to make an upgrade to the latest spec Hyperspace and carbon Hyperarm based on his wholey positive experience with the Spacedeck.
Shortly after receiving his new turntable, I received an e mail from him with the simple and succinct statement of an anguished and dissappointed owner:"It blows chunks!"A call was made to Mr Fletcher about what may have been at fault ,yo which was replied:'Kinda sleepy isn't it?".
Having heard the former interation and investigating what changes have been made since US distribution was changed to Audiophile System, al that I can see is that the new carbonfibre upper platter ,armtube, etc are overdamping the system and drawing the vitality from the presentation.Mr.Fletcher advocated placing washers between the main subplatter and the composite top platter to reduce the effect so it is something of which he is awares.
The NA Spacedeck and Interspace remain essentially unchanged from before and continue to be wonderful musically communicative devices(avoid the carbon tubed arm option, tho).
BTW- the Hyperspace and arm were sold and replaced with a Roksan Xerxes X /Artemiz with which he has been very happy.