Nordost Red Dawn with SPM

Any comments for following set up options:
1.Nordost Red Dawn Speaker cables with Red Dawn Interconnects.
2.Nordost Red Dawn Speaker cables with Nordost SPM interconnects.
(I currently own Red Dawn speaker cables and going to keep them for a wile.Need help with a desigion for interconnects.)
Thanks all for your help.
I have the Nordost SPM speaker cables and am currently moving from SPM interconnects to Speltz anti-IC's.
great question! i"m looking to upgrade the same as you: Red Dawn speaker cable with current SPM inteconnects. Anyone out there with opinions? By the way I currently have Analysis Oval 9 mated with the Nordost SPM IC, Cary sla sig. 70, Consonance M15 speakers & Consonance Oopera 2.0 sacd(great sound but want better : )
any opinions?