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I have a VPI Scout with an Arum Beta S cart ,I have my stylus pressure set at 2.2 grams ,seems to me that might be a bit much but when I Back it off, the sound seems to thin out,am I doing anything wrong?
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I am using it now, and I had to max it at 2.2 also. So's long as you have clean records, and some Last preservative for records you did not buy new, you will do no harm. Also keep the tip clean. I am impressed you noticed 1/10 gr. difference. Of course you might not be optimal yet with other settings.
VTA and tracking force are interactive, and this may be affecting what you're hearing. I don't know what the manufacturer's recommended maximum tracking weight is for this cartridge, so I will just assume you're not exceeding that. And, I will assume that backing off the tracking force still allows the cartridge to track well. If the sound "thins out" when you reduce the tracking force, try lowering the VTA slightly.
Just continue to do what you're doing untill you're satisfied with performance.
Slightly larger or smaller tracking force, VTA etc it's all your variables to play with. Consider that as an audiophile instinct to adjust to yourself...:-)
Thanks for the responses,I do tend to play with VTA a lot,seems like different records require a small amount of tweaking to sound there best,I did not know that VTA and tracking force affected each other,makes sense.Nice to know Im not hurting anything,I do need to get record cleaning machine,that will be my next purchase,