newbie turntable/speed control question

Hi, I'm basically new to good audio (I've spent most of my life collecting software, and haven't paid much attention to hardware until lately).

I'm currently using a Thorens TD 125/II with the stock Thorens arm. I want to trade up--I loved the Michell Gyrodec SE I heard a while back--but also want to balance great sound with one feature that I hope won't be considered silly here: convenience. What I mean is that I want a two-speed turntable where I can change from 33 to 45 without lifting off a platter and adjusting the belt. I have a collection of over 1000 7"s, a good number of which are 33 rpm, and the idea of lifting off a platter to switch belts every 5 minutes (or the idea of arranging my listening by record speed) makes my Thorens seem a lot nicer than it sounds.

So I'm wondering if anyone can let me know which high-end turntables include a speed control switch? This is something that I almost never see mentioned in reviews (hopefully this omission isn't because most turntables don't have speed control switches these days!). I know the Regas don't, and the LP-12 Lingo does, but apart from that I'm at sea.

Any advice and/or thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I don't need any more convenience than this! I'm happy without a tonearm lift, auto shut-off, strobe, etc.
I think what he means is: Is there an option to vary the speed on the table after selecting 33/45rpm?

I'm using the Kuzma Stabi and there is an option to fine tune the speed up/down in the power supply. The power supply has some dip switches allowing fine control which allows me to get it just right.
Check out the modded Technics 1200 @ There is a review on the tonearm fluid damper. A serious TT for those who want to *play* records...
Cmk wrote: "I think what he means is: Is there an option to vary the speed on the table after selecting 33/45rpm?"

Nope. Maybe I wasn't entirely clear. I'm not talking about pitch control--i.e., fine tuning of speed, which my TD-125/II has--but rather just a way to switch between 33 and 45 without playing with belt, pulley, or platter. That is, I want a button or lever I can press to change from 33 to 45 and back.

Thanks, Twl, for the tip on the Teres--hadn't heard of the line before, but I checked out their website and some reviews, and am intrigued. Will investigate further, though I guess it'll be hard to listen to one without going to Colorado...

So, besides the aforementioned 'tables (Teres, Oracle, LP-12 with Lingo), are there any other hi-fi 'tables that allow one to switch automatically between 33 and 45? Anyone?

Thanks for all the advice so far.
The Kuzma Stabi and Stabi Ref allow easy switching of speeds.
Nottinghams don't have a switch, but changing the belt from the smaller to larger diameter part of the motor assembly (located, bare on the top of the plinth) is nearly as effortless. In fact, it takes less than 5 seconds ;).