new york city audio show 2018

it doesn't look they have enough exhibitors to run a show,  unless one of the nyc dealers gets involved.

how the mighty have fallen. we have plenty of new hotels(rooms)


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I missed the esd demo on sunday. they were good. i have great respect for esd for spending the effort in assembling that line of electronics backup -speakers. it's a world class statement system. My music is not suited for it.

the harbeths got aurally pushed aside by the intense micro detailing of the other systems(muro, etc.) which is not the harbeth style and strength( or the other systems made people partially deaf......)

also a nod to kubotek. expensive system  but he's a genius and  always backs the nyc shows

and singer, and rhapsody av .

 I went 3 days

I missed Robert lighton audio .he is no longer a dealer for  uk audionote whose systems gets very ragged ,very fast.

I missed alta audio.

I liked the pure audio panels. only way to get anything out of old beatles vinyl.(+direct drive vpi, which is great)

technics :smooth and clean with digital and vinyl.

avm(magico?) dry and uninvolving

muro speakers: relative bargins

quads and harbeths; tired of them

laufer tek: nonsensical prices. triangle,bache,golden ear speakers were better.

bache: bargin server and amp 100%<10K

 linn went around the country to promote their new streamer box and yet neither linn nor naim bothered to subsidize innovative (or in living stereo ) for the show.

it's not the" cost of the room" or "the union" etc, etc, etc

also if the chinese thought the nyc chinese would drop zillions for that system....

robin wyatt and vitalis are audio magicians!

(My)rock on cd is not vintage quad's specialty! I thought it was muffled

robyatt audio does so much "business" (especially on sunday),it's distracting! crowded room.