New vs. old version of EMM Labs CDSD

Has anyone compared the new version of the CDSD with the old one in a system where that was the only variable?
They sound identical. The main changes are (a) the Mk. II has a new transport (Phillips changes transports every year, but the new and old one are identical sonically, reliability-wise and noise-wise); (b) the new one has a USB port that allows easy software changes (but replacing a chip is pretty easy as well and eliminates the possibility of a computer not being able to download the software); and (c) the finish is different. Other than that, it's the same animal. If you have the Mk. I, like I have, there's no need to change.
How do you identify the new and old version of the CDSD?
There is no such thing as a MK II.
USB port on the rear panel next to the RS-232 connector. Matte finish.
Jtinn is right. There is NO Mk II. If you ask anyone, ask him. He's the man who knows. That's the second blunder I've made tonight. Time to hit the sack . . . or maybe have a beer. :)