New TT for ~$1500

My birthday is coming up and I will be asking for a *new* TT. Budget is up to $1500, but preferably closer to $1k. I would be comfortable pitching in another few hundred $$$ for a good cartridge if I get a table without one. Was thinking:
Rega P3, maybe P6 if I really stretch the budget (that'd be over my $1500 mark)

MoFi StudioDeck
Clearaudio Concept (I have a lead on a lightly used one with low hours, bundled with an Artist V2 cart, but might make gift giving awk)

Pro-Ject X2 w/ Sumiko Moonstone

Any thoughts?

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If you can repair the tonearm rubber gasket (easy with basic handy skills), this is a darn good start to a dual arm direct drive in a wonderful wood plinth (CL-P2) with a special tonearm, effective length 282mm (11-1/8")

It's big, make sure you can fit it. 564mm wide x 506mm deep (22-3/16" x 20")

I bought one like this, didn’t know much, was warned here about the arm, got anxious, cancelled the sale. Found another one in Canada, seller repaired sagging counterweight, it came plinth and dust cover busted, returned, found another in Canada (no JVC arm), it came, I added my two arms.

While I had the busted one, I took the JVC arm apart. Now I know how easy it is to fix that arm, Well worth fixing as it is JVC-Victor’s Long 7082 arm, with VTA On the Fly height adjustment.

Simply take rear counterweight portion of arm apart, replace gasket with rubber washer from Home Depot, back together, done.

You could point out the counterweight sag to this seller, offer around $900., see what happens. add another arm in the back for ... (mine is mono cartridge ready to go), bingo all set.