New TT for ~$1500

My birthday is coming up and I will be asking for a *new* TT. Budget is up to $1500, but preferably closer to $1k. I would be comfortable pitching in another few hundred $$$ for a good cartridge if I get a table without one. Was thinking:
Rega P3, maybe P6 if I really stretch the budget (that'd be over my $1500 mark)

MoFi StudioDeck
Clearaudio Concept (I have a lead on a lightly used one with low hours, bundled with an Artist V2 cart, but might make gift giving awk)

Pro-Ject X2 w/ Sumiko Moonstone

Any thoughts?


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micro seiki direct drive, micro seiki arm, nice wood plinth

from Vlad, a very nice Russian in Canada. I bought my JVC Dual Arm TT81 in large plinth from him. Excellently packaged, very good communication,

price is Canadian, $850 CAD = $603. I guess he would accept an offer for a bit less
Vlad's list of ads on Canadian site. They pay no fee there, so can sell for less or take offers less than their listings on eBay.
that denon with the wide removable arm board has this base which is similar to the JVC deck, wonderful peak of the era designs

chackster just said nice things about the DP-80 spinner

still around to make an offer.

I just read the description completely, it is a 'rough' translation, but very informative if you re-read it. there is some nice technology in that arm as well. magnetic anti-skate, instant off/on, micrometer tracking adjustment, damped arm ...

the 350mm arm length is 'total' arm length, not effective length.

curiously, the notes reference 'fit CL-P1D' which is a similar JVC deck.

"Fit cabinet DK-300/2300/110

cabinet CL-P1D"

maybe someone understands this??

I agree, Direct Drive.

Have you considered buying a vintage deck and spinner, use it’s arm, upgrade cartridge? upgrade to a better tonearm in the future?

this one is unusual, deck is wider than normal, with wide removable armboard that allows you to easily change the arm, including up to 350mm long arm. it looks nice, bet the wifey would like it if you do.

My JVC, has similar adjustable feet, but, no ’skirt’ like this Denon does. Denon, you get the adjustability to level the deck, but with a more finished look, I may make a skirt for mine.

I would be tempted to make an offer and buy the 2 year warranty.

the cartridge is crap, plan on a new one.

I don't know about Denon's (I just researched and got a very similar JVC TT81), this seller imply's that spinner is desirable

JVC Victor Spinner TT61, what say you?

I ended up with TT81, but I am thinking, for residential use, less costly TT61 is probably equal in performance, even if further developments were made.

instant dual arm setup, add cartridges, play

Denon DK-2000 Dual Arm Plinth

Denon DP-3000 Turntable

Denon DA-308 Long Tonearm, 11-1/8" effective length

??? 9" rear arm

offers 2 year square trade protection for $240. which would protect: both arms, turntable, dust-cover hinges, ...

it looks like it would be real easy to remove the finish and stain it a different wood color
Chackster, what have you to say about this auction site?

denon dk-2000 dual arm plinth with dust cover, $300. usd,

seems he will give an alternate price to include a DP-80 or other spinner which would make more sense considering shipping costs
Oh yeah, I am damn glad I persevered, love this vintage dual arm turntable,

JVC TT81 Spinner in 70mm thick 7 layer plinth, two removable armboards, also special layering

1 vintage 9" arm, Acos Lustre GST 801 for mono
unique magnetism system, easiest VTA on the Fly I can imagine.

1 new 12.5" arm for stereo (from Russia, took another chance)
I am glad I bought it, but it has been tricky. I had to strip and solder the most delicate wires I ever experienced, and I had to make a spacer to raise it up because these old Direct Drives are very high above the plinth surface. 3 different size set screws, inconvenient set screw location to adjust azimuth ...

Play Oscar Peterson Stereo, phono 1; Play Oscar Peterson Mono, phono 2, switch at will during listening session, fantastic.

All due to me joining the forum and very good advice/help here!

thanks again, Elliott


very good advice regarding potential shipping damage, especially these large heavy plinths, dust covers, tonearms, plastic feet ....

Making a claim, return, problem can be quite difficult, and check with PayPal BEFORE PAYING, you might not be protected (as I wasn't). Check with your Credit Card company, use the card with best protection, extended warranty? damage protection?

As you know I bought large plinth Dual Arm JVC from an experienced seller/shipper with high rating, right after Christmas: Canada to USA. Lots of high quality stuff, long time seller, high rating, lots of shipping experience ...

It arrived 'busted', box severely damaged, plastic feet shattered off, wood plinth damaged 3 locations, plastic dust cover cracked, what a shameful mess.  

I paid extra for insurance.

1. UPS

seller bought insurance, so seller must make claim. It went to UPS USA for damage inspection; they damaged it further; they sent it to UPS Canada (different shipper name); they denied the claim:  improperly packaged, single box, used box, not double thickness, 'antique'. They said they do not insure 'antiques' in any case. So, I paid extra for insurance that was not valid in any case.

2. Paypal

did not cover me, because: I sent money to seller, no eBay invoice, it could have been sending money to my friend, not protected.

3. Credit Card saved the day

a. I didn't have to pay credit card company for that item 'for the claim duration'. IOW, put on hold.
b. they started a 14 day countdown, computer would automatically put a claim to Paypal for me in 14 days. They said, then Paypal will put a claim to the seller, and if seller did not satisfy me, they would close his paypal account. (big deal, could just open a new one).
c. I told seller, 14 day countdown, he now on deadline to resolve/refund me or lose his paypal account. that got his full attention.

4. got full refund, whew!

I told seller, my refund was not connected to his insurance claim, refund me now. seller waited 
After UPS Canada denial, and after he received the package, he gave me a full refund.

5. Found another one, all good

I found Vlad, also canuck audio mart,

nearly identical dual arm deck, excellent condition, discussed shipping, he assured me: 3 boxes, dust cover with misc in one box; tt in second box; both of those inside a larger box. It arrived in perfect condition, impressive, I highly recommend Vlad as I mentioned in prior post.

vlads current listings:

quick search came up with this

Technics turntable SL1210 MK5G. Condition is Well maintained I have 3 MK5Grandmasters for sale

and this article

if not changing pitch for dj work, what are the 'equally best' models in terms of simply playing 33.33 steadily, deck resonance?

 IOW, the pricer 'grand' models make zero difference to us, except sleeping better at night.

thanks, I thought you might know.
I don't know about Pioneer's

very tempting pioneer, long 11-1/8" arm
one pivot, two arms: S and Straight (same easy VTA on the Fly as my Acos Lustre gst 801)

database info

note earlier model PL-70 needed a special tool to raise/lower the arm, if missing it could be improvised easily enough, but II definitely preferable.
this Sony is an inexpensive start, $220. delivered, or make lower offer.

info at

not wood, not plastic, 
If you can repair the tonearm rubber gasket (easy with basic handy skills), this is a darn good start to a dual arm direct drive in a wonderful wood plinth (CL-P2) with a special tonearm, effective length 282mm (11-1/8")

It's big, make sure you can fit it. 564mm wide x 506mm deep (22-3/16" x 20")

I bought one like this, didn’t know much, was warned here about the arm, got anxious, cancelled the sale. Found another one in Canada, seller repaired sagging counterweight, it came plinth and dust cover busted, returned, found another in Canada (no JVC arm), it came, I added my two arms.

While I had the busted one, I took the JVC arm apart. Now I know how easy it is to fix that arm, Well worth fixing as it is JVC-Victor’s Long 7082 arm, with VTA On the Fly height adjustment.

Simply take rear counterweight portion of arm apart, replace gasket with rubber washer from Home Depot, back together, done.

You could point out the counterweight sag to this seller, offer around $900., see what happens. add another arm in the back for ... (mine is mono cartridge ready to go), bingo all set.
I've never seen a Clearaudio Concept, had a peek.

The anti-skating adjustment located on the underside of the deck and the specific data sheet about adjusting it seem poor at best, 

I would want to know more about that, it's critical to success.

I agree, Vintage Direct Drive. Many, not all of he JVC-Victor and Denon Plinths are special designs, some 70 mm thick, 7 layers (4 wood/3 compound), others are solid, it is good to know which type you get.

I like Real Wood Veneer, that Denon marble plinth is a cut above, some wood is actually vinyl photo of wood, wrapped on the plinth.

The Sony I found is Metal, not plastic.

Of course, if you like or not bothered by plastic, you can get vintage for less cost, or affordable new.

Vinyl Engine says your Pioneer PL50 is Belt Drive, correct?


Removable Arm Boards give future flexibility, and the large plinths with two removable arm boards are terrific if you get into Mono LP's as well as Stereo.
Interesting, nice TT.

It seems Pioneer used the model # PL-50 more than once, both belt and DD units are to be found.