New transport for my audio aero??

Hi there,is there sombody that can tell me where i can get a new transport for my Audio aero capitole mk.2?.besause i think its broke..
Contact Globe Audio. They have been very helpful each time I wanted information about Audio Aero products.

Why do you think it is broken? What is it doing or not doing? Are you just not getting any sound or is it something else?
i think it is the,i dont know the name of it,but is the thing where you put your cd,s on before you put on the puck,just as a little dics,that spinns the cd around!!,yes i know not the best description on the planet...hehe
Reason why I ask, is that I sent in my AA Capitole for check up and new tubes. Came back with problems due to shipping. Problem did't sound too different than yours. Powered up, put the disc in closed the top and nothing. No spin, no sound, just looked like it was trying to read the disc, but never got anywhere on the display.

Turned out to be a problem on one of the boards and not at all related to the transport, drive, spindle, etc. . .

Wasn't trying to be a smart A**, just trying to determine what all has been considered. GNSC used to service AA and now it is a company in Arizona (do a globe audio google search or contact Globe - they will give you the contact info).