New speakers Or speaker wire ?

I have Paradigm Monitor 9's and CC350 for my front trio, Mirage BPS400 and OMR2's for sub and surrounds, and a pair of Definitive BP8's I keep pulling out of the closet; All driven by Parasound equipment. Home theatre is astounding, but 2ch. stereo music has become tiresome. Bass is perfect, lower midrange lacking, upper midrange and lower treble too forward, upper treble ok. I find myself pulling out the Definitives when I listen to music. I believe in direct radiating front end for home theatre, but maybe i'm getting the bipolar bug. Can any speaker cable tame my problem with my Paradigm's, or should i go with replacing the front trio with a Mirage matchup ?
can't really determine whether different wire would help without knowing what kind of wire you use now . . . have you tried tweaking your speaker position?
Sorry - the speaker wire currently used is AudioStream's Ultraline AC-50.
GET ASC "FRESCOES" AND TUBETRAPS, AND TREAT YOUR FIRST WALL REFLECTIONS (on EVERY wall). You'll never know what your system sounds like until you do this basic and integral procedure. Do this before you buy any other cables or components. That way, you can hear what they're doing also, when the time comes.