New Production Tubes

Which new tubes in the 6DJ8, 6922, 7308, ECC88, etc family are the quietest and have the most detail?
Stay away from NPT. They are bad for your audio system.
Not that many new production 6922/6dj8's to consider. Forgetting tonal issues the EH6922's are very quiet, rugged, and have a fair amount of detail. I found them to have ample bass. Whether I liked them or not was dependent on the component I used them in. Their tonal balance worked fine in my Raysonic 128, and not so fine in my ARC SP10 or BAT DK5.

Sovtek 6922's I've used were quiet and rugged. But, tonally, kinda clinical - not a tube I use often.

JJ 6922's - not so quiet, not so rugged, slightly warmer thru the bottom and a tad rolled in the highs. A nice tube for a 'bright' system I think.

So now that i know which ones to stay away from, which ones do you recomend?
What components would you be using them in?
What are you presently using?
What about their present sound do you want to change? That is what are you trying to improve?

Is your present problem one of clarity (resolution), tonal (dull or bright), noise, etc.

Consider that you might get more specific responses if you posted a new thread asking for help getting new production tubes for you XXXX component, including the above information in your thread. There simply isn't one tube that fits all circumstances.
Thanks I will try that.
Phillips 6922. Sweet sounding nice top end extension.