New Eton Grundig E1XM with XM Satellite Radio.

I have a old Grundig 700 world band radio with RDS, which IMHO is the best sounding portable radio. Also super sensitive on FM signals, pick up stations better than TU-717 and TX-9500II tuners. Mine is set up with low end mini speakers modified to the unit headphone jack output for fantastic FM stereo sound.

Now there is a coming new model E1XM with all the bells and whistles plus XM Satellite radio, which I've been eyeing on since introduction last month or so. However information is still lacking and has anyone checked it out at the CES?
Eton E1 XM YES! Grundig Satellit 900 NO!
Those wishing for the past 8 or so years for a radio that has a Grundig Satellit 900 label on it may have to wait forever. Gary Arnold sends the following message: "Looks like there has been a major decision at Eton Corporation to drop the Satellit 900 and release only the Eton E1 XM. My source tells me the target release date is the middle of this year, will cost around $560US, and will have 3 bandwidths (7.0, 4.0, and 2.5) along with passband tuning." Time will tell. Jan 13