New Dire Straits 45RPM reissues from Mobile Fidelity

Sorry this took me awhile!  I have finally had the opportunity to listen and compare these (4) new titles from MOFI.

Dire Straits
Love Over Gold
Making Movies

These are the JUST RELEASED titles on 45RPM from MOFI.

I was able to compare, (so far), Dire Straits and Love Over Gold with my various copies.  I have the US, UK and German first pressings and Japanese pressings of both.

I have always thought that the German pressings were the best followed closely by the UK pressings.

These new MOFI's are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!  Super duper quiet and completely flat.  The music just explodes from the black background.  And the!  Wide, open soundstage with exquisite layering and texture. These are simply the BEST pressings that I have ever heard from the Dire Straits catalog...period.

I have listened to the other two, (Communique & Making Movies), but haven't had the chance to compare them to my other copies.  I have several different versions of each, but time has caught up with me.  From just the listening sessions, I am pretty confident that they will too be better than any of the others.

They are already sold out at many places, but they are going to repress them.

All of my copies were between 100-200 as far as serial numbers go, so I do have some very early copies.

If you can find them, buy them.  It's a no brainer.

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Listened to Communique is everything that everyone is saying. Super album with excellent SQ. The Dire Straits MFSL's are a no brainer for anyone that likes this band.

Did you ever get a chance to go back and listen to Love Over Gold.  I got my replacement copy and it has the exact same two issues.  

Does anyone else have this MoFi Gain 2 45rpm release of Love Over Gold that can check their copy for comparison to the two issues I noted above?

From my perspective of my two copies, it appears to be a physical defect in the pressing in track 1 and possibly a remastering defect in track 5.  

MusicDirect said they would listen to my return and give feedback but did not.  They now said they will not and cannot provide any further support.

MoFi gave a weak and generic response and referred me to MusicDirect for support.

Now I have emailed Rick at RTI asking for his input.  He is listed on their website for tech support.  That has only been a couple days so maybe he will reply.

It would be great to get some feedback of the other 8000 or so owners of this record out there.
Just to let you know that I got Love Over Gold yesterday (no. 1556) and had the same issue with Telegraph Road - except it lasted a lot longer than 32 seconds and will still evident throughout the whole track.
Private Investigations had a similar issue.
Evidently a very bad pressing - I noticed that the tonearm on my turntable was jiggling left to right at all times. 

The second LP was perfect though.
Extremely disappointed though - this was my first MoFi purchase and at AUD $95 it wasn't exactly cheap.