Negotiate good price

I went to a dealer last week and listen to some really sweet pieces.  I was ready to throw down some coin but am confused about the dealers approach.  He comes in the room and says how is everyhting.  I say it is amazing this is just the sound I am looking for.  He says okay and leaves.  Comes back in 10 minutes and I am ready for hardball.  I sit back with my hands above my head in an inviting posture and say- can you beat prices that I see on Audiogon?  He says he will be right back- great i think he knows- I know my stuff.  Another guy comes in and says he needs to use the room for a client.  I say where is the other guy and he says he's on the phone.  So I wait in the lobby for 20 minutes and don't see anyone. I left my name on a paper and put it on the desk and ask him to call me with the best he can do on the system because I can buy some of it on AUdiomart.  I asked my wife and she thinks that's too hardball- maybe i should have lied and said I'm shopping around for best price.
Any info on how to speed pitch softballs?   
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Regardless of how foolish you all think the OP was for taking the approach he did, it is equally foolish that the salesman disappeared and left the OP hanging without any resolution.
I could see it from different prospectives but to me the salesman dealt with it all wrong. Even if the guy came into the store intending to be a tire kicker a lot of good salesmen can turn that into a customer. Granted I wouldn’t have spent a lot of time with him but how hard is it to say, “I can’t sale you new equipment with a warranty for close to the price of used equipment but if you are interested in buying today I could probably get you 10% off (or whatever discount he would be comfortable with) depending on what you buy.”  

There is no call for just being rude. Maybe the salesman was just having a bad day 🤷🏼‍♂️
Anymore then 10% off retail at  a private dealer and you are just being cheap and disrespectful. If you aren’t prepared to pay without some cheap line like “can you match Audiogon”. My opinion but that is just disrespectful. They have a business to run
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