Needle on VPI Scout w/ JMW 9 skips....please help

I have just set up my first VPI Scout w/JMW 9 arm and new Dynavector 10x cartridge, sitting on a gingko cloud9. The cartridge was professionally installed and I was very pleased with the sound.

However, a few days later the needle started "skipping" (tracking the same groove) on a record that I have never had an trouble with before. I noticed it was happening on the last track (closer to the center of the record). I flipped the record over and the same problem occured in the same area of the record.

Perplexed, I pulled out another record and again the needle stated skipping. This has happened on a few records, and most importantly, I noticed the needle skipping closer to the inner half of the record.

My initial thoughts are either...
A)too little tracking force
B)too much anti-skating pressure (because the needle skips backwards, repeating most recently tracked groove)

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!
It's not likely to be caused by inadequate tracking force, else you'd be mistracking any time you played a passage with heavy dynamics, regardless of location on the LP.

It could be just a simple antiskating misadjustment. I doubt it, but you should check. Start by setting A/S to zero, then apply the minimum needed for clean tracking.

Other possibilities:
Tonearm wire bent, twisted or hitting something?
Arm stub brushing a dust cover or other misplaced object?
Cueing support bar not lowering enough and armtube hitting it?
Optional anti-skate mechanism (if you have) hanging up?
Armtube not correctly seated in bearing?
Table not level?
You mentioned it started skipping a few days after you got the setup. You must done something that might have caused the skipping. Think about what you have had done. It oould be a combo of many things. Perhaps wrong overhang or incorrect VTF?