need your help for sony ubp-x800

how do you hook it up to the stereo, I have a Conrad Johnson pv 12. it only has hdmi, lan line and coaxil line in the pre amp don't have a hdmi in the back. is there a converter plug I could use. if not the has to go back.......

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All of the output you described from the Sony are digital and your CJ pv-12 only has analog inputs. A simple converter plug does not exist which converts digital to analog. You would need to buy a DAC which will accept HDMI (not sure which ones do) or a DAC that accepts coax (most DACs, except those that are USB only). A decent DAC is going to set you back a couple hundred dollars (minimum) and can cost up to several thousand dollars.

Do you already have a digital source, such as CD or DVD player? Do you already have a DAC you can use? Some hi-end CD players and DVD/BDPs have inputs so you can use the DAC built into the player for an external source.