Need to turn on my gear via IR 12v trigger?

hello all.

I'm looking for an inexpensive solution for turning on a couple items in a couple different areas. both items have 12v trigger inputs.

My onkyo TX SR 805 rec has a 12v out trigger for it's second zone, but I don't need to use the second zone trigger.... i need it for the primary zone.

is there such a thing like a wall wart gizmo which is dedicated and has a 12v mini plug output I can actuate by IR to energize each of the two item simultaneously or buy two of these things ... one for each device?

Naturally I can continue to manually do this, but was thinking there should in fact be some gizmo with an IR sensor on it that can emit a 12v pulse when asked to activate said device.

i do believe a pulse will work and there is no need for a constant applied voltage... i think.


sooo, No one makes this gizmo?
well here's an item some enterprizing person might make some $$$ on by producing them. Huh?
I too have been wondering how to begin using the 12v triggers on the back of all my audio gear. So, someone must make a gizzmo. See, if you have all the gear in a rack, then you can't get to the back panel master power switch (as allot of high end gear has the power switch on the back). So, what do you do then ?

Does the 12V trigger just turn things on and off, or does it do other things ?
12VDC triggers are the auxilliary control interface to overcome manual turn on & off. usually, that is it. simplistic convienence.

Most often those mini jack in or outputs allow a relay to activate or deactivate sending a small milli volt signal thru the mono cable into the proposed device, from 100ma and up. That is important too, how much juice is being sent along may or may not be sufficient.

Control units like processors & recievers will have these items. Several sometimes. Sometimes not. Some preamps will have these trigger outputs too.

Sequencing the trigger function is another story. Amps should go on last and go off first.... following muting of the volume or zeroing the volume on the imput device feeding the amp. this path should prevent any popping of or damage to, the speakers.

usually triggers on HT processors require you to use the menus to enable them or disable them, one should check to make sure.

I did stunble onto this gizmo just a bit ago...

IF you have a control device such as a processor or preamp, cable box, etc with no output trigger, BUT IT DOES HAVE A SWITCHED POWER OUTLET, this thing can be plugged into the outlet on the rec, proc, etc., and one of it's trigger cables can be run into an amp, drop down screen, DVD, etc., and they will turn on automatically when that unit is turned on.

The caveat of course is too ENSURE volume is ALWAYS at it's lowest point at turn on or off.

it will also accept a trigger input and thereby expand the number of units you can remotely turn on or off, once set ot it's 'remote mode'.

This almost suits my needs, depending on the amount of vdc is needed for my downstream gear.

The problem with it is it is not a pure stand alone triggering device but a slave. it requires a remote controlled power Supply FOR OPERATION, either 120-240vac or 12vdc.

Without the switched outlet on your rec or proc or pre or power filter, or ??, you'll have to install or convert an outlet somehow or somewhere to infra red IR operation and plug the Emotiva trigger expander into that... and have another remote to lose.

For $45 shipped ... so far it seems to be the winner.

Now I gotta look for a remote controlled outlet!

or buy a multi ch proc which has remote triggers for the main zone. Lovely.
uh... there's the infamous, "Clapper" I suppose. lol
An RF powered outlet is available.

Lots of them. Googling for "remote outlet" will provide many choices. Lacross, Intermatic, etc. $15 - $40 for a triple set.

So that's the work around... the Emotiva trigger Expansion box + an RF outlet. $60 & up... depending on the outlet selection.

Any better ideas are still welcome.