Need some advice....Please

Hey guys,
Just got a new MMF 2.1 the other day and need a phono stage. I'm looking for somthing around $300 or under. Its running through an NAD T752 reciever, some DIY cables into a set of Paradigm Studio 60's. Any recommendations? I'm thinking of maybe the Rotel 970, the Creek OBH8, or the Musical Fidelity XLPS.
They are good. Also consider Gram Slee phono stage.
The Rotel 970 has a fixed cord, 5-yr. warranty, (Rotel quality) and I believe MC/MM selector. For $199. If you're looking for new this is alot for the $. Also there is the Projet for something like $129 new that would merit consideration but I'm not sure of all its features/quality.
I went w/the Rotel. (I like to support my local dealer as much as possible and I know if there were to be any issues/problem w/the unit it would be taken care of by my dealer.)