need more help with cd/sacd selection

Since i'm going to listen only to 2-channel stereo, I'm considering SONY 333 sacd player. I need to know how it compares sonicaly (RED BOOK CD and SACD) to other SONY units (777, 555, 222), to new PHILIPS 963 and other players (PIONEER, ONKYO...etc). Thank you all for your input.
You might consider the closeout Marantz SA14 if you can swing a few extra $.
The SA-14 or the SA8260, depending on your budget. Both are great players for the money.
I use a Sony 333. I was considering upgrading the unit and tried a much more expensive Dac and other players. None sounded better on Redbook that I tried, and there was very little difference in sound in general. In a blind test could not distinguish between the sony and other more expensive, newer units. Sony 333 is an excellent player and value in my opinion. I have an all tube system however that may make a difference. It is by far the least expensive unit in my system but I just can't justify changing it.
IvanJ, What can you tell me about the closeout? I haven't heard of Marantz discontinuing the SA-14. Do you have any info on where and what price these are going at?

I think CambridgeSoundWorks bought out the last of the MK1s. Also may have some - I've dealt with them they're cool.