Need information on KEF reference speakers 104.2

I have many questions. I would really appreciate your help.

- I recently purchased a pair of KEF Reference model 101/2 for rears. Is this a good match?
- What is a good center channel match (that is properly shielded)?
- I have a Velodyne SPL 1000R sub.
- I have a newer Rotel RSX 1067 av receiver. Approximately 125 watts per channel for stereo.
- Is this enough power for the 104.2 speakers and for all 5 speakers and the sub in the entire system?
- What speaker cables are a good match? Especially for the 104.2 speakers.
- Any tips for the care and maintenance of the 104.2 speakers.
- My 104.2 speakers seem to be in great shape (no foam rot). However I have read about fluid leakage in the tweeters. How can you tell if the fluid is leaking?
- Any tips for room placement of the 104.2 speakers? Should they toe in and point at my ears or cross in front of me?
- Each speaker has A and B after the model number. Does it matter if you put either speaker on the left or right side, or it does not matter which side it is placed? My room is 12.5 feet wide, 18.5 feet long with 8 foot ceiling. One wall in solid the other is half open to the next room.
- Do the 104.2 speakers sound better with the grills on or off?
- If I ever need to have the speakers repaired, do you know of any good repair shops in the colorado area?
- Do you have any other suggestions or tips about these speakers?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.
Any older KEF reference series speakers would match well with 104.2's. KEF Model 90C sounds same as 100C, 200C even better as that is full range. The 104.2's are pretty efficient, you'll have enought power to drive them with the receiver but if running 5 speakers for HT, it will be lacking. If there is no sound out of the tweeter, then good chance fluid dried up or leaked and dried up. Toe in is up to you, I didn't feel the need. Just sounds a little louder with Grill off, but not much. Good Luck!
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