Need info on Wisdom Audio DCAB-1 microphone

I need to know the brand of calibrated microphone that was supplied with the Wisdom Audio DCAB-1.

This was the digital EQ/RTA unit for the Adrenaline speaker series that replaced the older Analog Brain. The DCAB-1 is no longer being made and the factory doesn't have information about the mic.

If you know the brand, please let me know. If you're a DCAB-1 owner and have the mic, but it's private-branded by Wisdom Audio, I'd appreciate some photos of the mic.

If there's a another forum where I'd be more likely to find a DCAB-1 owner, please let me know.

Thanks for any help.
I just found from Wisdom Audio that the mic was custom-made for them. It's a very special mic with extraordinarily flat response. The DCAB-1's mic input is specifically designed for it. My problem has been solved. Thanks.