Need help with speaker selection

I know this a pretty arbitrary question to ask but here it goes anyway. I am hoping you all can help me with some ideas for speakers in my second system that does duty as home theater and music (2 channel). I have a Classe CAV 150 and SSP-25 processor, fed by a Sony 9000 ES CD/DVD player. I started out with Martin Logan Aeons and liked them pretty well (I shouldn't have sold them in retrospect) but wanted something a bit different having prodigy's in my main stereo system. I went to Dynaudio Special 25's. I loved them at first but after a while they started to become too forward for my tastes. I have recently auditioned Maggie 1.6's and really like these but I would love to find something less intrusive as they will be in my living room (20x14x8)................. Any ideas for me at around $2000 or so new or used???? BTW surrounds are Dynaudio Audience 52's.

Thanks for any help
Did you give your Dynaudios enough time to brake-in? The only sure-bet i could think of it is Harbeth Studio 30. Maybe too polite for H/T, but killer music speakers.
Take a look at the Seas Thors, its a kit from Madisound, you will need to know how to solder. Also Tyler has the same drivers in their MTM(can't recall model name), not sure if their xover is the same.
I would think you would want to stay with a Dynaudio product in order to have the best sound match with the surrounds. If that isn't an issue, a pair of Reference 3a MM De Capo-i might work well for you. Definitely not forward sounding and nicely dynamic for a monitor. Generally thought of as a music (as opposed to HT) speaker--but should work at least as well for HT as the Dynaudio Special 25. They are available here on A'gon for less than $2000 used.
Get better amplification, Classe's multichannel amplifiers are notoriously weak and have difficulty with power hungry speakers, you are probably clipping the amp so much that is why the sound has come forward. Classe CAV amps have a great deal of difficulty with 4 ohms speakers too.

Dynaudio's are never forward unless amplification or room acoustic make them.

I probably will not get much support on this, but your amplifier is the weak link in your system. Almost any multichannel amplifier in the $2000 price range out performs the Classe.

Give it try...speakers are not your problem.