Need help Which cables for B&W Matrix HT???

B&W 801 S3 fronts, 802 S3 rears and HTM center. Fronts and rears will have North Creek XOs. Just picked up the 802s and XOs on Audiogon. Have been driving the 801s in two-channel with a Rowland Concerta. Paired with Cambridge CD and Tandberg tuner.

Won a Pioneer Elite SC 09 TX in a poker game and thought I would give a run at HT. Looking at Epson pc6020 projector and 119" or 133" Draper Access screen with ClearSound NanoPerf XT800V, as the screen will drop in front of the center channel.

Room is 23' x 16 '6" x 8" with the screen located in the center of the long wall. Soffit above screen reduces ceiling height to 90". Spread between front channel speakers is 120". Room is wood paneled and have a large area rug with Dynamat pad underneath.

Cable runs will be 40' (going up, over and down) to the rears and 10' to the fronts. Am already bleeding. Do you have any recommendations?

Do you have any suggestions as far as an alternative set-up solutions?

Different components? Different sources?

After typing all this, I am thinking perhaps I should post on Videogon, too???

Thank you!
I had the 802's and the HTM myself. I had an awful time dealing with the tweeters. Are you having the same issues? I have a Rowland 112. I think your integrated has the same amp. That's a very good match for those tweeters. What are your expectations?