Need help, Have a new Phono stage need to set it.

Okay, I have the specs. for my cartridge and a Musical surroundings Phono stage I picked up. It has some 100 options for setting the impeadance I guess and not sure what # I am looking for to know what the recommended setting for the cartridge is... Also it will be a MM setup, so can I set the gain for anything from 40db to 60db? Or are the higher settings only for MC type cartridge. Thanks and I have never had an adjustable phono stage so thats why I have no clue, and I do not have the unit yet, but it may have some good directions I am not sure.
Most MM cartridges will load at 47K ohms or higher.Adjusting the capacitance can affect the sound.
I would start at 40db of gain and adjust upwards slightly if you need to turn the volume control past 10:30/11:00.I would think that 40-45db should suffice.
I would guess 47KOhms and about 40 dB for a start. If it sounds like it is too soft for an average volume setting then you can step the gain up accordingly. You're correct that the higher gains are for MC's. I am guessing that any MM cartridge that outputs 2 mV or better would be fine with 40 to 50 dB gain. Now if you have any control over capacitance, that may give you some real difference with a MM.
One benefit of variable gain setting is that you can match up the average loudness of your phono listening with the average loudness of your CD listening. When your source selector clicks back and forth between phono, and CD you won't suddenly be "blasted" by your baseline or default volume control setting.
Of course, once you develop a taste for the vinyl good stuff, there may be a falling off in frequency of CD listening :>)
Thats my exact thought of getting it close to the CD difference in volume... I think I can go with about 45db safely, thats about 6db higher than my current phono stage which in comparison to the CD output is noticeably lower, so 6db should give a solid difference as long as its not noisey or anything with the MM cart. but I believe should be okay.
Oh and my cart. is 47k, and 100pf, 4.5mv... so what would be the difference setting it at 50k vs. 500k? What will the additional impeadance effect in the way of sound?
You should stay with 47K .Changing the impeadence will dramatically effect the high frequency performance of the phono cartridge.But of course your free to experiment,although it would be wise to stay within the factory specs of what the phono cartridge is designed for.