Need fix for Musical Fidelity A5 Volume Control

I have a Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated Amp,that is out of Warranty.
The problem i am having with it is,when useing the Remote to adjust the Volume up or down the Volume Control Knob moves so fast before it stops that it is either too loud or too low.
Does anyone know of a fix to slow down the movement of the motor for the Volume Control?.
Would appreciate youre help.
That's not uncommon with MF remotes. Buy a Harmony, you can program the time duration of the volume control.
Thanks Merganser for youre response.I assume you are talking about buying a Harmony Remote.I could be wrong,but i doubt any Remote will cure the problem.I think the volume control would still respond too fast to a signal from any remote.Even if i just tap the volume button on the remote real quick,it does not make a difference.
Has anyone tried useing the Harmony with the Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated?.I would like to know if it works,before i commit to buying one.

Yes, a Harmony remote. You will have to go into the micro settings to change the default setting, but it will cure your problem.