need advice on source

i have a b&k7250 amp monitor audio silver5s denon avr3300 as preamp looking for cdplayer around $600 to blend well.i have pioneer dv333 as transportw/msb linkdac3w/upsampling chip.sounds to bright&lean at times.would like more of liquid sound if i can
i am not totally familiar with your equipment. i have a 3801 in a surround set up and have listened to the b&k. if i were you; go for a tube pre amp. cj pv10 or something along those lines. i think you would be happier in the long run and give you more upgrade ability. there are other posts on pre amps at your price point that will greatly enhance your sound. good luck
Try EAD, T-1000 transport, and a EAD 7000 mk II. The pair should be pretty close to your price range. You will be very pleased with the sound.

Good Luck,
I see the Linn Mimik has now dipped below $600 used in some situations, this would make an excellent sound in your system.

I'd also look into a used Rega Planet as this player has a very warm analog type sound.
Well, I think this is supposed to be a secret (but I wasn't sworn to secrecy) and I can't really comment from actual listening experience because my unit hasn't yet arrived, but a musical instrument company called Applied Research and Technology makes a low-priced tube processor, the ART DI/O, that decodes at data rates up to 24/96, uses a 12AX7 tube, and features dialable "tube warmth". The list price is $249.95.

The unit does not upsample, but is reported to sound great, besting many DACs at much higher prices. My D/IO is in transit and I hope to receive it sometime late this week. For the price, it seems like a real no-brainer and the adjustable "tube-warmth" feature is just too cool for words. One metro-area audio society is having a meeting to demonstrate the little upstart and has challenged its members to bring their favorite heavy-hitters for comparison. The whole scenario is most intriguing, and I can't wait to see how it unfolds. I would think it would partner quite well with the DV333. :)
That looks pretty neat Plato. I'd like to know how a profesional product like that stacks up against audiophile gear, with it's sometimes heavy style over substance aspect.
This is interesting -- my ART D/IO arrived today and all was not as I had previously thought. For one thing, there are no RCA analog outputs. The analog outs are on standard 1/4" jacks, the type used on guitar amps, so 1/4" to RCA converter jacks (available from Radio Shack) must be used. I'm going to look into installing RCA jacks in my unit in lieu of the stock jacks. That would be a lot more direct, eliminating the extra connection interface.

Another thing that threw me -- it seems that the 12AX7 tube, and variable tube warmth and input level pots are all on the A to D side (not D to A as I had thought) so in effect, the tube and tube warmth features are not used in the audio playback loop.

Despite my misconceptions, word is that the piece is still a bang for the buck champ (even going through cheap output adaptors). I have some plans to use mine with a better power supply and in conjunction with the Perpetual Technologies P-1A. I can then A/B it directly to my ModWright/Perpetual P-3A in the same system, just by switching the inputs. It should make for an interesting experiment. I may post some further impressions once I have a chance to do some critical listening. Sorry that my earlier post was misleading. Happy Experimenting!