need advice on media cabinet for tube amp....

Here is my dilemma - any advice would be really appreciated.

I am buying a Jolida JD302 for our new living room. My wife is less than thrilled with a bunch of audio gear and wants to put everything in a wooden media cabinet, ideally one with a wooden door in the front -- that we can keep open when the music is playing.

How much ventilation space on the sides and above the amp does it need? Also, would it be okay in the media cabinet had a closed back? Should I also be looking at little ventilation fans? The media cabinet will also have a brand new cdplayer in it as well and I don't want to cook everything!!!!

Thanks - Marty
Tube gear in a closed back, closed sided cabinet is not a good scenario...even with the door open. You'd definitely require cooling fans.

You might look at the Salamander Synergy cabinets. They have an option of steel mesh sides and fronts, and the backs can either be installed or not. They provide a bit more ventilation, and they look pretty good (depending on one's taste). They also have optional fan units.
Look at my system. I run my mono block tube amps in a TV cabinet with no problem, but I have plenty of space around the amps and plenty of ventilation. I took the back panel off to aid ventilation while in use. You don't notice it when the cabinet is closed and the back of these cabinets is usually just cheap geenboard and you can alway replace it as needed.
+1 for Salamander Synergy cabinets with mesh sides and doors.
I'd told my wife I was thinking of switching jobs and we had to move to a town with the nearest mall being 500 miles away. Now the living room has a stereo consisting of 22 components and 4 speakers! I'm not unreasonable, but... her sister does live right around the corner. I own a Cary V12R amp and a Cary SLP 98P preamp. I keep the amp 30" off the floor w/no cabinet and even have a fan blowing on it.