need advice on best CD versions of these

Hi. Can anyone give me info on what CD is the best version of:

Bob Marley - Catch A Fire
Has anyone compared the MFSL version with the standard Tuff Gong CD? I wish the Tuff Gong CD would say the date so I could get an idea.

Cream - all albums
I have the Those Were the Days box set w/new remasters. How do they compare to the DCC and MFSL gold CDs?

Santana - Abraxas and Santana(1st)
new 1998 24 bit remasters or older MFSL/DCC versions?

Thanks in advance.

Oh one more I forgot:

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Which CD is the best version/remaster?
R.W. - I have both the MoFi and Sony Legacy versions of Abraxas and the Legacy is the best sounding. I have the DCC and Sony Legacy versions of Kind Of Blue and the Legacy is again the best sounding.
DCC Kind of Blue? You mean Sony MasterSound? DCC never released Kind of Blue.