Need advice on a digital receiver...

I have a Denon AVR 800 receiver (6 years old) and want to upgrade to a new digital receiver. I am about to switch from cable to the Dish Network and will be purchasing a DVD player soon and want to get the most out of these "digital" systems. My current home theater system includes: 2 Klipsch KG 4.5 Floor standing front speakers Klipsch KV-1 Center channel 2 Klipsch IW-150 rear (surround) speakers What receiver would you recommend to best "match" my speakers? I'm looking for something that retails for under $1000 -- I've been looking at the Denon AVR 2800 & 3300, the Marantz SR 5000 and SR 7000, and the Yamaha Rx-V 595A, and 795A. Any advice I could get would be much appreciated.
Just did the same things... Marantz SR-5000 is junk -- bad processing. I wound up with the Sherwood Newcastle R945MkII. It is last years model, but an excellent processor section and 100W x 5 Channels. I got mine new in the box for $800 (original MSRP of $1199). I can give you the number of the dealer (who will mail with credit card) if you desire. I listened to alot, and the Sherwood Newcastle and the 2000 Onkyo Integras are both good for the money.
Hi, If I may make a recomindation. Go with the DENON AVR3300 or the ONKYO INTEGRA DTR-7. Both are around $1000.00. The only real diference is the that the DTR-7 is also THX Select certified for rooms up to 2000 cubic feet. Do yourself a favor stay away from the Sherwood stuff. The only real world advantage it has over it's competition is price. The similarities end there. Any questions please E-mail me back and we could discuss it further. I am on line every night from 10pm-12midnight. Good luck. Heath-