need a new pre/pro for less than 5K Any advice?

I will keep this as short as possible. Currently running B&W 803s' in the front. HTM2 center. Dif. Tech Supercube as a sub, and 805s in the back. Have been very happy with my B&K reference 70 and B&K 200.7 running together. My ref 70 recently went to audiophile heaven! With that being said, I am in the market for another one. I would like 3d compatability. My TV is 3d. I ask for suggestions on another site which led me to the Anthem MRX 700, The Integra 80.3 and the Marantz AV7005. The salesman brought out the Anthem Friday eve and we hooked it up and listined for about 5 hours. It is actually a reveiver (only 3d anthem has out), and I was very pleased with it. I was equally impressed with the Integra 80.3 we test drove in my media room Saturday night. I guess I dont have a keen ear, and most of my listening is done through theater. I just couldnt find any noticable difference other than when he played music it seemed almost like the Anthem wanted to scream. If that makes any sense. The integra seemed to have a warmer sound to me,closer to the B&K. But I dont feel like I have a really keen ear, and it could be in my head. Went to the marantz dealer yesterday and listened to his for about two hours,running through most of a movie and a CD. It too sounded fine but he was running different speakers than mine (they werent even B&W). If anyone has a system similar to mine I would be interested in your opinion before I make a purchase. I dont proclaim to be an expert, but I can say that I was very happy with what I had (B&K ref 70). I know the B&W salesman has always insisted that underpowering my speakers is one of the worst things I can do. The salesman has now spent about 16 hours at my house, and I feel comfortable with him however I do want to make the right decision. Im not married to any of these three brands. So I will be open to any advice handed to me under the 5K mark.. Thanks in advance.
CES starts today, how patient can you be on replacing the B&K?
I dont have to buy today! Would like to do something in the next 60days. :-)
Best of what you mentioned will be the Integra 80.3 - best DACs and processing, as well as longest warranty. Also has the best Audyssey room calibration software, by far over the others.