Nasty Pop When Power Cond. is Turned on

I've always had my stereo components hooked up to a cheap computer bar and when I turned on the entire system I didn't get any spikes or pops with any of the components. I turn the preamp on first then the power amp, the subwoofer is always on standby so it doesn't require switching. Just today I've hooked up the entire system to a Newpoint power line conditioner (nothing terribly high-end but should be better than a computer power bar)and I follow the same routine. Preamp first...and then a big nasty pop that sounds like it's coming from the subwoofer. Could this have anything to do with having some of the components plugged into the nonswitched and some into the switched receptacles on the line conditioner. How can I rearrange their positions relative to switched or nonswitched to eliminate the spike? I don't want to experiment too much for fear of damaging the sub. Please Help!
Hi. Perhaps you could change the order in which you turn on your components? Is your sub internally powered? Standard practice is to turn on all components, and the amplifier last, then reverse the order to shut down, amplifier first, ect. I guess it depends on what is driving the sub for a signal. Hope this helps. Regards, Bill M.
Be careful, all power conditioners are not created equal and can fool you into a false sense of security. There can be a number of different reasons why yours pop, bad switch, Diodes or cap problems and even the way the unit handles ground, if you want to keep this unit then I suggest that you keep it on at all times. Simply Music
Thank you for your responses. I believe I've figured it out. I plug the power and preamp into the unswitched and the subwoofer into the switched. So when I turn the preamp on the sub is not on because it is on the switched circuit (therefore it'll go on only when I turn the power conditioner on). I've done this a few times since and the pop is 100% gone. Thanks Again.