Nakamichi CA-7A & CA-7E difference

I am considering purchasing CA-7E (from an European seller) but concerned whether or not it will work in the USA.

I assume E is the European version. Was anyone able to purchase CA-5E or CA-7E and use it in the USA?

Any accessory required to get it working?
Looking at the schematic, there were a few versions made of the CA-7E. The UK one was set for 240V, the German and European one set for 220V (can be changed to 240V internally). Both those can’t be set for 120V operation. Only the Saudi Arabia version can do that with its voltage selector switch on the back. The US version can run on 120V only.
You need to confirm with the seller that it will work on US voltage. It will say on the back of the unit the voltage it can run on. If it’s a European-only version you’ll need to use a step-up power transformer 120V to 220 or 240V (depending on the version). Otherwise make sure it’s the version with a voltage selector on the back.
Hope this helps!