Naimites Attention please

I currently own a pair of NHT 2.5i speakers. I am using a rotel rcd 971 cd player and nakamichi av10 in the front. I am not happy with my 2 channel audio reproduction (av 10 is for home theater)...

I would like to add a high quality integrated and so have been on a search. I am wondering if anyone has heard the Naim Nait 5 driving these speakers. It is rated very conservatively at 30w/ch and my speakers have a sensitivity of 86db/w/m.

I wonder if this amp will run these speakers.

I heard this little amp in comparison to the Creek 5350se and it just had waaaay more control and punch than the Creek (although the creek was good too).

anyone have any experience with this setup?
what the heck??? does no-one here own any naim products?


Naim is not currently sexy gear, so it's not surprising that you have not received too many replies. I owned Naim (Snaps/32.5/140) for about 10 years, and have a pretty healthy regard for the stuff. The Nait in any of it's incarnations is probably a little too wimpy to drive your NHT speakers - the top and mid frequencies will be fine, but there won't be much low end drive. The Naim separates are a much better way to go, even if you buy older models.