Naim cd5i Mark II italic ?

Hello-is there a way to differentiate between the Naim CD5i(mark I) and the Mark II(italic). Dates of production or serial numbers? Are the improvements very significant? Thanks for any help.
On the label on back of unit, model number will state CD5i ("i" in italic).

I had one for about a month. Then stepped up to CD5x and Flatcap2x. The CD5i (italic) was probably the best CD player I have heard in quite a while. Blew the McIntosh MCD201 away. I loved the Naim sound so much, decided to upgrade quickly while I could still get my money out of the CD5i.
Thanks! I am greatly looking forward the Naim sound (as opposed to my denon 1500-!!!-from 1985.....
You should notice quite an improvement over the Denon. What is the rest of your system?
Can you describe the difference between the CD5i and the CD5x+FC2? How did the CD5x sound without the FC?
First off, I bought the CD5x/Flatcap2x together, so never heard the CD5x without it.
CD5i and CD5x seem to have the same Naim sound characteristics. Very dynamic, really gets your toes a tappin'. I would say that the CD5x/Flatcap2x combo probably improves on the basic sound of the CD5i by 30-40% (if I can put it into numbers).
I only had the CD5i for about a month, but as I said above, was really impressed. I compared it to a Rega Saturn and McIntosh MCD201. It bested them both, IMO.