Naim CD5 with P300 Power Plant ?

I am about to purchase a Naim CD5 player as my next upgrade. I currently have an Arcam 7 (and a Rogue 66) connected to my PS300 Power Plant with great results. I've heard rumblings that connecting the Naim to the Power Plant is not as musically pleasing as if it was connected directy to the wall. Anyone with any exerpience trying both or heard of anyone with any comments on this? The Naim CD5 will be my only Naim component at this point and running short of not making an electrical modification to a new home I'm moving into, I pretty well have no choice for now but to plug the Naim CD5 into the Power Plant ??

Remaining components:

Dynaudio Audience 82s, Bryston 3B ST, analysis Plus Oval 9s, Bryston and Wireworld Equinox III ICs, etc. listen mostly to R&R, some jazz

Thank you very much !!

Congrats...try the Naim have
my CD5 plugged into a Wiremold strip(Naim recommended) which
is plugged into a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet with good results.
P.S. I listened to the new Ayre CX-7 the other day, wondering if it would surpass my CD5/flatcap2. The Naim
won! Without the flatcap, probably close. Enjoy