Nagra VPA 845 tubes on Wilson Audio Sopias..

Anybody uses Nagras VPA's that are 845 based 50 watts, push pull tube monoblocks with their wilson sophia speakers. Mine is sophia 3 and I missed some good offer for Nagra 845's do I lost much or how are they? any comment on this match are welcome.
It will probably be OK, but you still need try them in your system first, just to be sure. I have a pair of Cub's and drive them with a VAC 30/30 (32 watts/chnl). Its a great match. Still, the Sophia's are a bigger speaker and you may have to play it safe by going with a more powerful amp that the Nagra's.
they work very well with the Sophia 1 and 2's and I suspect they will do the same on the 3's! A big step up from the Quad II's.

Hi Kleech,
Good to know that, I think series 3 are the better driven than series 1 and 2, first I run them with krell 600c on 600 watts class A, now with 15 watts and I prefer more quads. By the way 'afiyet olsun' that means 'have a nice drink and table' mostly said for raki drinkers that is our local drink usualy taken with small variety of aperatives like tapas, it remainded me of that :) cheers