My Moerch DP-6 just arrived

I'll be mounting it on my TT and begin breaking it in this weekend. Any tips/tricks that I should be aware of?

Here's the setup:
Dynavector 20X-H on the DP-6 red dot arm
Custom TT with VPI MK III platter and motor (think a mini Aries sort of)

Some tricks that I've already heard of:
(1) burn in the tonearm wire and TT interconnect by running wire from the CD player on repeat to the cartridge clips - for a couple of days
(2) use the heaviews counterweight possible closest to the arm post
(3) what to do with the damping fluid?
(4) any others....

I saw the damping being done on mine, 1 week ago from the distributor. Need to be conservative with it. It has two places where you can use it. One, the mount of the arm, for it not to bob left or right. Use about 1mm, initially. You will notice the wild swinging archm movement slow down.
The second place, is the lift arm mechanical parts. Warning, place a little each time, but NEVER touch the cylindrical walls with the compound and make sure the goo only go to the dead center....this is to prevent the mechanism to become "too slow" when lowering down.

This was the first tonearm that had to be fitted....not easy, not hard but it took the dealer a good 2 hours to get it set up just right.

The burning in, I did with simple playing.

BTW, mine is with the blue dot. Heavy cartridge, Denon DL-103.

I have the Morch UP-4 with my VPI MK3 and a Grado Ref. with the red dot arm wand.I did use the heavy counterweight at first,But found when I bought my Shure VTF Guage I had the tracking force set way to high at over 2 grams force or more and had to use the middle counterweight and small one together too readjust my VTF at 1.6 Grams.
BE very,very careful about putting the fluid in the arm lift.I had mine stick to the cylindar wall and I had to take it apart and reclean it all out .The lift works just fine now.