My List of Best & Most Enjoyable Documentaries (on DVD) about Entire Musical Genre

I enjoy music so it stands to reason I would enjoy learning about musical genre in general.


History of Rock n' Roll, the, (1995) TV series, IMDB 8.2, 10 1hr episodes,

 Rock and Roll (1995) TV series, IMDB 8.3

 Classic Albums (1997-) TV series IMDB 8.5, 44 episodes

 Seven Ages of Rock (2007) IMDB 8.4, BBC Wordwide

 VHS Behind the Music (1997-2014) IMDB 7.4

 Martin Scorsese presents The Blues - A Musical Journey Blues (2003) IMDB 8.1, PBS

 Country Music (2019), IMDB 8.9, PBS Ken Burns, 8 episodes, 16 hours

 Jazz - A Film by Ken Burns (2001) IMDB 8.6, 10 episodes


 These worthwhile documentaries are mostly about Broadway and the great era of American song writers:

 Great American Songbook, the (2003), IMDB 7.6, 175 minutes

 Movies of Color - Black Southern Cinema (2002) 55 minutes IMDB NR

 Putting It Together (Broadway)

 American Cinema - 100 Years of Filmmaking (1995) IMDB 6.3,  544 minutes, a course in Cinema 101, I think it far better than the imdb review. My highly recommended.

 Broadway the Golden Age (2004) also titled Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There , IMDB 8.3

Why no quality documentaries about Gospel or Classical music?

The four PBS documentaries in the "Now Hear This" series are excellent. They're not in the standard historical documentary style, which I think is a good thing in this case, and were both informative and very entertaining. They look at the lives of Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Handel and Bach, how their music came from the historical context and how they influenced each other. They also offer a look at historical instruments and let you hear how the music of those composers would have sounded in their time.