Must see

This is an incredible short about audiophiles that have gone "over the top." I know a drug addict or two, this isn't that different, sorry to say.

Looks good to me, maybe a little heavy into vinyl, but sound thinking all the way around...
The Audio Club of Athens returns to AudiogoN. Glad you had fun... IMO it is actually quite sympathetic to the audio nuts. There has been at least one previous thread here on this subject; it may still be around in the archives.
Tobias, I thought with the 2006 date on the film that it'd already been here, but I didn't find it with a search. Sorry for the repeat. If I weren't a newbie I would have known.

Thanks Dcstep for this link. I now know that I am not alone. My music setup is more important to me than my car and I am willing to spend mucho $ on it. It gives both me and my wife great pleasure. Don
It's a well-made film, worth a second or third view.

And of course, there's always someone crazier about audio than I am, and that's good to know!
Seems all fairly normal to me. If one can afford the Indulgence then why not? Nicer to have a really expensive hi-fi than a really expensive gas guzzler.
A very well made film. Thanx for the link.
maybe a little heavy into vinyl

Food for thought, no?

The few off the wall, hard core audiophiles I have come across are big into vinyl AND tube amplification.