Musicality and bass slam in a bi-amped system

When using megawatt monobock amps like the Pass Labs X-1000 and Krell FPB 750 only for the bass in a bi-amp setup,
does it affect the overall musicality in your opinion?

Some of these monsters have been accused of not being very musical. Does it make much difference if they are used only on the low pass in a bi-amped system?
I'm considering maybe tubes on top or a musical ss
amp on top with megawatt monoblocs on the bottom. I'm
considering a pair of used Krell 750 monos or a pair
of used Pass X-1000 monos. In the next 2 years, I
will be able to assemble my dream system, and I'm
gathering opinions and advice.

I have seen some high-end speaker manufacturers (Genesis comes to mind) supply their own amplification for the bass section of their speaker systems. I can't imagine the amplification they use is as good as conventional stand-alone high end solid state amps.

Ultiimately my question is: Does the "muscality" in a bi-amped system comes mainly from the high pass?
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If amplifiers are close to their gain, sensitivity and output power settings you may use an extra volume controller to tame gain of the higher gain amplifier.
If you're using two completely different amps such as 30W tube and kilowatt SS amp than you'll definitely need an active crossover and remove the built-in one from your speakers.