Musical Fidelity Tri and Nu Vista....

Why are these considered integrated amps when the power supplies are separate components? Is it really fair to judge these 300 watt babies against, say, the ML, YBA, Mac, etc. condidering the 2 piece package. The simplicity of an integrated seems to be lost in the Musical Fidelity 2 box deal. Their amp to integrated cord: is it upgradable? What's the deal with that? Thoughts on this? peace, warren
FWIW, yes they have a separate power supply, but the amp section and preamp are 'integrated' into one box.
Actually is an excellent, but expensive, practice to seperate the power supply from the main unit of a high power intergrated, especially if it includes a phono stage. This will eliminate or minimize the noice introduced by a large power supply which is usually one of the hallmarks of a high quality, high power, amp (or pre amp for that matter).