musical fidelity M8 Pre and M8500 vs. Parasound JC1, JC2

I am trying to decide which amp, pre-amp would be better for me.

Right now, I am using Magnepan 3.6 with Musical fidelity A5 Integrated and A5 CD. Looking to upgrade.

I would like to keep the speakers and A5 CD and am trying to decide on amp, pre-amp.

I like MF A5's clarity. I am not sure if the amp or the CD player contributes to the clarity.

I have listened to Parasound JC1, JC2 driving Focal Sopra N°2 and I am not impressed.

Any input is appreciated.

Magnepans need power imo .I use to sell them late 80s -90s and have had smg ,1,2,3a.1.6qr and 3c always had two subs taking the lowend .Biamped i had the best effect tube top cj and krell bottom yrs ago.Power and Peak amps just my opinion .Parasound over the yrs has become quite the go to for people.I actually sold them in like 88' .I have n mf nuvista now( i've backed off the addiction over the yrs) ..Good luck because your about to open a firestorm of comments buddy lol.. Try to get some type of auditions going its all just personal preference really

..Great speaker though! still a giant killer if placed right and room treated  properly ..