Musical fidelity M3 Nuvistor

I have been looking for a used M3 and noticed them going for over $4K on audiogon but on ebay they cant get a bid over $2.9 K.Am I missing something.....?
The difference is the difference in the two markets. Ebay is more of a vintage, oldie market, while Audiogon is home to the more "diehard" audiophiles, IMO. For example, Dyna st70's, not working, go for like $200 at ebay. Mac stuff, seventies receivers, and mid fi like Adcom fetch rediculous prices at eBay, while Agon'ers would have a tough time with that stuff. Meanwhile, the more recent, highly touted high-end gear does better at agon. bottom line, if you can get one for a lot less at ebay, jump on it. If I was selling an M3, I would not list it on ebay, because the buyers there don't really know it.
I emailed the guy that had the 3 month old m3 on e bay as he is in my area. I told him he would be better off selling it here.I also told him if he still had it in 6 weeks or so,i would gladly give him 2900.00 for it.
The M3 on ebay went for 3100.00 believe me that is one of the best deals i have ever seen. I was considering buying a second one just for the hell of it.... But then rationality got the best of me. Its easily worth 4k.